Fun Facts about Popcorn

I bet you didn't know popcorn can be fun! Ok, ok, you did. But here are some other cool facts you should know!

Popcorn BulletPopcorn was the first puffy breakfast cereal, served way back when America was first settled by the British.
Popcorn BulletIn 2003 popcorn became the Official Snack Food of Illinois!
Popcorn BulletPopcorn pops at approximately 135 psi and 359 degrees Fahrenheit. Thats pretty hot!
Popcorn BulletAir popped popcorn is good for you - low in calories and fat but high in fiber. Just go easy on the butter!
Popcorn BulletAs a result, popcorn is actually endorsed by Weight Watchers, the American Dental Association and the American Cancer Society.
Popcorn BulletThe worlds largest popcorn ball was created in Illinois. It weighed 3,415 pounds and was over 24 feet around!
Popcorn BulletPopcorn was first discovered by Native Americans who though the pop was the sound of an angry god leaving the kernel.
Popcorn BulletMore than 860 million pounds of shelled popcorn is produced each year! That is over 430,000 tons! Hope you are hungry!